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3 Body-weight Core Finishers to Torch Your Abs

Although most of the core training we prescribe is all about anti-rotation movements and teaching the lumber spine to resist movement, I also like to throw in high-rep abs finishers on occasions to get the abs on fire whilst moving in torso in multiple positions.

Programming Guidelines

  • Choose 1 circuit from below.

  • Complete each exercise back-to-back for 20-30 seconds each.

  • Rest 30-seconds to 60-seconds after A3.

  • Complete 2-4 Rounds depending on level of experience.

Circuit 1

A1) L-Sit & Reach

A2) Superman Walkouts

A3) Grappler Toe Grabs

Circuit 2

A1) X-Crawl

A2) Hip Lifts Left Side

A3) Hip Lifts Right Side

Circuit 3

A1) Rope Climbs

A2) Sprinter Sit-Ups

A3) Leg Raises

So there you have 3 great high-rep ab finishers to finish off any workout.

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