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Elevate Your Athletic Career!
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Unlock your potential with our Athletic Performance Training, meticulously crafted for athletes aiming to soar to greater heights. No matter your level or sport, our Athletic Performance Training in a small group setting is geared towards unleashing your full athletic prowess.

Tailored Training for Peak Performance

  • Customised Programs: We tailor training to match your sport and individual goals, ensuring focused attention on areas vital to your success.

  • Sport-Specific Excellence: Emphasising the speed and agility, conditioning, strength and power unique to your sport, our programs are designed for athletes at every stage of their journey.

Here's How It Works

  1. Personal Consultation
    Begin with a free session with a coach to delve into your athletic history, sport-specific goals, abilities, and schedule. This forms the foundation for your comprehensive training plan, addressing your strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions.

  2. Semi-Private Training
    Experience a small group environment with a maximum 5:1 client to coach ratio. This ensures individualised attention, form perfection, and continuous progress throughou
    t your sessions.

Our Athletic Performance Memberships Include

  1. Fully Customised Training Program to match your sport, training experience and individual goals

  2. Semi-Private Training so you can work alongside your peers while working through your training program.

  3. Supervised Coaching from our team of experienced, degree qualified coaches.

  4. Regular Performance Testing to track progress and make any required program adjustments.

  5. Unlimited Access to our Normatec recovery boots.

  6. Open Gym Access so you can come in for additional training sessions on your own to work on conditioning, regeneration, and injury prevention.

  7. Nutrition & Supplement Advice to fit your goals.

Ready to Reach New Heights?

Complete the form below, and our team will promptly connect with you to address queries and schedule your free 1:1 consultation. Meet with our coaches, share your goals, and let's pave the path toward achieving your athletic aspirations together!

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