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Our Training Programs Have & Still Do Develop Top Level Athletes Across Multiple Elite Sports:

AFL - Soccer - Taekwondo - Boxing - Muay Thai - Netball

St. Bernards FC

"To Yakka & the boys, thanks for the last 8-weeks. We have all gained a lot from your sessions."


Bryce Gibbs

"To Yakka & the UFS team, thanks for keeping me in shape over the off-season." 

AFL Footballer (Adelaide FC)

Lachie Whitfield

To Yakka & the squad,

Thanks so much for getting me into shape over summer 16/17.

AFL Footballer (GWS Giants)

Dyson Heppell, Travis Colyer, Cale Hooker, David Meyers, Heath Hocking, Ben Howlett, Jobe Watson, Jake Melksham

"To Yakka,


Thanks for your support this year making our return to football that much easier!"

AFL Footballers (Essendon FC, Melbourne FC)

Trent Cotchin, Brandon Ellis, Jayden Short

"To Yakka, thanks for making us coming back looking like the hulk! You're the best in the business. Go Tigers!!"

AFL Footballers (Richmond FC)

Kyle Hardingham

“Would like to give a massive shout out to Adam and the crew at Unified fitness. The facility's and the staff are a cut above the rest. 


Having trained in an elite environment I can definitely say UFS has created just that and more with a unique setup with quality staff that understand all the wants and needs of their clients. 


In a year that has definitely had ups and downs this crew has kept me so highly motivated and kept me in great shape for the upcoming season. 


Every session was overlooked in which they were able to correct my lifting techniques which helped me gain new strength and power that I certainly didn't think I had. My body has never felt this powerful and explosive even after being under an AFL program. 


My programs were tailored to suit my needs and to help smash the goals we set.


Adam and Rhuss, thanks for all the encouragement and helping me smash all my goals and gaining new PB's that I would never in a million years think I could get. Love the setup and look forward to owning that leaders board Wiggo. I’m coming for ya!”

EDFL Footballer (Player, Coach Pascoe Vale FC), Ex AFL (Essendon FC), WAFL (East Fremantle)

Lachlan Henderson


Thanks for keeping me fit & Firing during the off-season. Great place to come and train.

Thanks boys!"

AFL Footballer (Geelong FC)

Daniel Younan

“Before heading to train down at UFS I never really had confidence in my body as I was 18 months out from my knee reco. But under a professional/elite program that Adam had me on i finally had that belief back. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been and cannot wait to get stuck in the season what's ahead. Surrounded by great people in a great training environment made things a lot easier when on the grind. Thanks very much Adam."

VFL Footballer (Coburg Tigers FC)

Luke Blackwell

'I started training with Adam not long after being diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis. He was able to develop a very specific strength and conditioning program that ensured my recovery was as quick and thorough as possible.


Adam has also been able to identify and correct other deficiencies, which has helped with injury prevention. As a result, my strength has improved considerably since I began training with him. 


From my previous experience as an AFL and WAFL footballer, I have been exposed to elite strength and conditioning programs and I can without doubt say that Adam’s knowledge, professionalism and delivery of his program are nothing short of elite.'' 

EDFL Footballer (Aberfeldie FC), Ex AFL (Carlton FC), WAFL (Claremont FC)

Ahmed Saad

"Adam has got me working hard and knows exactly what he is doing! I'll be confident I'll be ready to hit the ground running if I get the opportunity to play AFL again because of the work I've put in here at UFS. Yakka, without you my comeback wouldn't have been possible!"

VFL Footballer (Coburg FC), Ex AFL (St Kilda FC)

Kane Lambert

"To UFS, 


Thanks for keeping me in shape over the off-season."

AFL Footballer (Richmond FC)

Natalie Servinis

"Unified Fitness Systems has made me the fittest and strongest I've ever been."

Professional Muay Thai Fighter

Tom Afonczenko

“I compete in the sport of Taekwondo at an elite level. Adam tailored a program specifically to suit my sport focusing on improving my core strength, explosive power and anaerobic capacity. I was really impressed with Adam’s strong understanding of my sports needs and my skill level. Since training at Unified Fitness Systems my fighting has reached a new level, I feel much stronger, faster and fitter then I ever have before. Through practical training along with dietary advice I continue to love and benefit from my training."




- 3x National Champion

- 5x Victorian State Champion

- Australian Open Gold Medalist, Carthage Open Bronze Medalist, Thailand Open Bronze Medalist

- 3x National Senior Team Member

- World Ranked #17

Taekwondo Athlete

Lauren Close

"I play netball in both the Victorian Netball League and Australian Netball League, after a devastating knee reconstruction in late 2014 I decided that I wasn’t going to let my injury dictate a premature end to my netball career, I started training with UFS about 3 months after Surgery, Adam tailored my program throughout my rehabilitation and worked in with the Physio and Doctors to achieve the end goal of getting back onto the court. Since training at UFS I have found not only my explosive power has improved but my anaerobic capacity and core strength has reached new levels. I am a much better holistic athlete after training with Adam and the team at Unified Fitness Systems, I am fitter and stronger and would not have been able to achieve on my own. I will continue to train with Adam to be tested and pushed to continue with my goals for the future."

Netball Athlete

Simon White

"Yakka, thanks for getting me in great shape to attack the pre-season. Appreciate the ongoing support mate.”

AFL Footballer (Carlton FC)

Adam Bentick

"Having known Adam for a long time, it wasn't until he started UFS that I began training with him.


I had just left the AFL system, which had exposed me to elite level training for a number of years, and I was hoping to maintain a level of strength and fitness that would allow me to continue to perform at a high level.


Years later and I am still training with Adam benefiting from his enthusiasm and genuine interest in my performance. Without hesitation I can say that Adam's knowledge and professionalism is on par with that of AFL clubs.


Adam will continue to test me and spend time with me to set personalized goals in relation to training and nutrition.


I know he has trained and played at elite levels which gives me confidence that he knows exactly what is required to not only be the best but be the best I can be".

VAFA Footballer (St Bernards Old Collegians FC), Ex AFL (Carlton FC)

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