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Transform Your Body. Elevate Your Mindset. Be Your Best Self.
Adult personal training

Are you looking for a personalised fitness experience that combines the benefits of one-on-one training with the motivation and camaraderie of a small group? Look no further!


Whether you're a beginner who is just starting their fitness journey or an experienced athlete looking to take your training to the next level, our customised training caters to all fitness levels. Our experienced team of coaches will work closely with you to understand your goals, assess your current fitness level, and develop a customised training plan that fits your specific needs.

How It Works:

Each client starts off with a free consultation with a coach to discuss your unique individual history, training goals, current ability, and schedule. This allows us to create a customised training plan based on your assessment, needs and goals.


You will then train in a small group environment with a client to coach ratio set at a maximum of 5:1. This allows our coaches to provide focused attention to each individual, ensuring proper form, technique, and progression throughout your workouts.

Our Customised Training Benefits:

  1. Semi-Private Coaching: With a client to coach ratio set at a maximum of 5:1, you'll benefit from individualised attention while enjoying the motivation and support of our community.

  2. Personalised Attention: Our trainers focus on your individual needs, providing personalised guidance and support throughout your fitness journey.

  3. Customised Training Programs: We develop tailored workout programs that align with your goals, considering your current fitness level, preferences, and any specific limitations or considerations.

  4. Progress Tracking: We monitor your progress closely, regularly assessing your performance and adjusting your training plan to ensure consistent improvement.

  5. Accountability and Motivation: Our coaches and fellow clients will inspire and motivate you to stay committed to your goals, helping you maintain consistency and achieve long-lasting results.


Get Started with Your 30-Day Customised Experience:


Are you ready to Get Fit, Get Strong & Feel Great?

Our 30-Day Customised Experience includes everything you need to achieve your personal fitness goals:


  • Initial Consultation with a Coach

  • 3 Semi-Private Sessions P/Week

  • Customised Training Program

  • Nutrition Consultation

  • Unlimited Group Training


Enter your contact details below and we'll be in touch ASAP to answer any questions and get you booked in for your initial intro session. We look forward to talking with you.

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