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Learn How To Trap Bar Deadlift

The Trap Bar Deadlift is an outstanding deadlift variation for lifters of all backgrounds.

Here are our top reasons why we love to include the Trap Bar Deadlift in our training programs:

1. Makes for a great progression to the KB Deadlift. Conventional and Sumo style deadlifts can often take quite a bit of explanation whereas athletes and clients can be trap bar deadlifting with good form in a matter of minutes.

2. Doesn’t require as much mobility as the sumo style and conventional deadlifting. Works great when you still want to train strength whilst you work to improve on your mobility to get into better positions.

3. Our favorite deadlift variation when it comes to training max strength for most of our athletes - Can build some serious strength all whilst minimizing the risk of injury and fatigue compared to other deadlift variations.

4. Can be programmed for most of the population – whether you have a focus on body composition, general health and well-being or athletic performance.

Watch the video below to master your own Technique:

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