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SLEEP - Are You Getting Enough?

Amazing energy, a peaceful mind, and a strong immune system are just a fraction of the overall health benefits that a good night’s sleep brings. You’ve heard it all before — adequate sleep equals a wonderful quality of life. But if we know just how great eight hours or more of quality rest is per night, then why is the average person still so sleep deprived? Sleep seems to be an easy thing to put off, as we more often than not try to roll over to “catch up on sleep” for the weekend. However, the truth is that a healthy night of slumber should be something we incorporate into our every day, otherwise we seriously lose out on the best way to nourish our bodies.

A peaceful night’s rest isn’t just necessary for our general health — it’s also imperative for those with a fitness-focused lifestyle. For athletes in particular, nine to eleven quality hours of deep doze is actually better than the average recommended seven to eight, as the high amount of physical exertion requires a bit more time for the overnight healing and repair that rest brings. In fact, any athlete should look at sufficient sleep as an integral part of daily training because it heightens the output of strength, accuracy, reaction time, and an absolute, extraordinary performance. So, what exactly can we do to ensure that we get the best night’s sleep possible seven days a week?

With just a few tweaks added to your nightly (and daily) routine, slumber recovery has never been easier. Decompress about an hour before bedtime each night by shutting off the electronics and keeping them as far away from where you lay your head as possible. Replace that nightcap with a chamomile tea, and try to keep stimulants such as coffee, exercise, and bigger meals to earlier in the day, so as not to take a chance on sacrificing the sleep cycle with distraction, indigestion, or headaches. Enhancing your health, optimizing your athletic training, and boosting your overall quality of life first starts with a superb night of snoozing.

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