Customised Training is the version of personal training we do most at UFS. Customised Training is for athletes and individuals of all levels who are looking to maximise their results and take their fitness and performance to the next level. Coached in a semi-private format under the watchful eye of our experienced, degree-qualified coaches, you'll get a personal training plan designed specifically for you.

How It Works:

Each client starts off with a free consultation with a coach to discuss their unique individual history, training goals, current ability, and schedule. This allows us to create a personal training plan based on your assessment, needs and goals.

You will then train in a semi-private environment with a client to coach ratio set at a maximum of 5:1. This ensures you receive expert coaching and cueing to fit your individual program whilst training with other clients in our tight-knit community.

​Our Customised Personal Training Memberships Include:
  1. Semi-Private Training: smash your personal training goals while working alongside your peers
  2. Supervised Coaching: achieve results with our professional, degree qualified coaches
  3. Personalised Training Program: based on your injury history, your goals, and your sport of choice (if you’re an athlete).
  4. Program Updates: reviewed every 3-4­ weeks so you continue to progress and avoid hitting plateaus.
  5. NormaTec Recovery Compression so you can recover faster between training sessions.
  6. Open Gym Access: workout independently whenever you feel like an extra session.
  7. Nutrition & Supplement Advice: tailored to you.
  8. Exclusive Members Discounts: get even more from your personal training experience.
Get started with your 30-Day Customised Experience
Are you ready to experience the UFS difference? Our 30-Day Customised Experience includes:
  • Initial consultation
  • Personalised training program
  • 12 semi-private coaching sessions
  • Access to our performance tracking app
  • Unlimited group classes
  • Open gym access
  • Nutrition coaching & accountability
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Ahmed Saad

"Adam has got me working hard and knows exactly what he is doing! I'll be confident I'll be ready to hit the ground running if I get the opportunity to play AFL again because of the work I've put in here at UFS.

Yakka, without you my comeback wouldn't have been possible!"

- VFL Footballer (Coburg FC), Ex AFL (St. Kilda FC)

Karen Patrick

"I have had an interest in fitness and exercise for over thirty years; I have trained overseas and in Melbourne with a number of instructors and personal trainers. Since 2012 I have trained with Adam Iacobucci at Unified Fitness Systems. I have found Adam to be professional, highly knowledgeable in fitness, nutrition, healthy living and a motivational trainer. Adam has continually discussed my goals and expectations with me and then devised a varied individual training program to suit my needs. He has constantly monitored and assessed my progress allowing him to change and modify my program monthly with weekly variations to ensure I am always challenging myself and constantly improving my strength and fitness.

I attended weekly Customised and METCON sessions at Unified Fitness. I have greatly increased my fitness and energy levels. The combination of strength and cardio activities ensure I am working at my maximum and constantly pushing myself. Independent testing, I had completed this year showed I had reduced my body fat to less than 9.75% which the doctor conducting the testing said is a result of the training I've undertaken.

I would not hesitate to recommend Unified Fitness Systems.”​

Louise Berns

"Having been a practitioner in the fitness industry and a passionate proponent of optimum posture and functional training, it was a no-brainer when choosing to train with Adam back in 2009. Adam is a trainer of high calibre who doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

Adam is professional, he has an excellent understanding of all the elements of fitness and his ability to apply these to tailored, result-orientated programs for his clients is excellent. He can also offer very practical and effective nutrition advice to ensure his clients meet their fitness goals.

If results are what you want in a professional, semi-private training facility that offers as much space as a gym as well as world-class equipment, minus the meat-head culture, then I highly recommend that you too choose Unified Fitness Systems."