Get world-class coaching and proven programs that help you become faster, stronger, fitter, more resilient, and more confident. No matter your sport or your level of competition, Unified Fitness Systems can assist you with elite Athletic Performance Training.

With more than 20 years of combined coaching experience, our coaches have vast experience providing athletic training and coaching for amateur and elite athletes across multiple sports.

Our athletic training sessions are coached in a semi-private format under the watchful eye of our experienced, degree-qualified coaches. each athlete gets their own personal training plan designed specifically based on their goals, injury history, training experience, and sport.

Programs are advanced every 3-4 weeks based on your development and where you are in the season. This ensures that each athlete continues to make progress while maximising their performance all year round.

Our Programs Develop The Complete Athlete
  • Flexibility: Foam rolling, dynamic mobility & stretching
  • Movement: Corrective exercise and movement preparation
  • Speed & Agility: Sprint mechanics, change of direction, acceleration, and deceleration
  • Power: Linear/lateral plyometric and medicine ball throws to develop power in all planes
  • Strength: Focus on the upper body, lower body, and core strength
  • Injury Prevention: Focus on correcting muscle imbalances & enhancing mobility issues
  • Nutrition: Education on correct eating practices for peak performance and recovery
Our Athletic Performance Memberships Include
  1. Semi-Private Training so you can work alongside your peers while working through your training program.
  2. Supervised Coaching from our team of experienced, degree-qualified coaches.
  3. Personalised Program based on your goals, injury history, training experience, and sport.
  4. NormaTec Recovery Compression so you can recover faster between training sessions and games.
  5. Open Gym Access so you can come in for additional training sessions to work on conditioning, regeneration, and injury prevention.
  6. Regular Performance Testing to track progress and make any required program adjustments.
  7. Nutrition & Supplement Advice to fit your goals.
  8. Exclusive Member Discounts to complement your sports performance training experience.
Maximise Performance, Prevent Injury, & Become A Better Athlete
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Our Training Programs develop top-level athletes across multiple sports
St. Bernards FC

"To Yakka & the boys, thanks for the last 8-weeks. We have all gained a lot from your sessions."

- Vafa

Lachie Whitfield

"To Yakka & the squad, Thanks so much for getting me into shape over summer 16/17."

- AFL Footballer (GWS Giants)

Kane Lambert

"To UFS, Thanks for keeping me in shape over the off-season."

- AFL Footballer (Richmond FC)