United Fitness Systems is Melbourne's Premier Fitness and Athletic Performance

Training Facility for Athletes and Fitness enthusiasts. We provide science-based exercise protocols to fully support, enhance and improve the athletic abilities of all our clients.

Don't let your mind limit your ability to train and perform like an athlete within our warm and welcoming environment. Rub shoulders with some of our world-class athletes, knowing that they are completing some of the very movement and fitness protocols we've implemented in your program. We've seen it work and at the highest level.

We give you everything you need to help you reach your full potential. We have the best trainers, implement the latest and most effective training methods and use top-of-the-line strength equipment. Each element is designed to help clients and athletes achieve optimal results through customised programs.

It is our mission to take our clients' physical health and athletic performance to the next level through unique and scientifically proven exercise protocols. We offer programs to support, enhance and improve the athletic abilities of our clients.

We will continue to build a training environment like no other. An environment where serious athletes and committed individuals look to get serious results, work hard and achieve their goals.

No matter your current level of fitness, we offer all athletes and clients the opportunity to be their best - offering the best training methods, the best training facility as well as the best guidance and support.

Your commitment, combined with our expert focus and proven training programs will help you transform your health and performance so that you can take on whatever life throws your way.

How to Get Started
Step 01

We start you off with a complimentary consultation in which you will meet with a coach. In this session, we will learn more about you and your unique goals to help determine the best path for you to reach them.

Step 02

We will then build out your customised training program based off your goals, current training experience and available training schedule.

Step 03

Book your customised training sessions in which you will work in a small cohesive group and be trained by our experienced team of coaches.

Step 04

We will closely monitor your results and training progress via our performance tracking app and make any necessary changes to your program every 4 weeks to ensure you are progressing towards your goals.

Customised, Field-Proven Training
Work on your own individual needs in a small cohesive group, all under the watchful eye of our expert coaching team.
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